Indigenous Peoples’ Health Care: New Approaches to Contracting and Accountability at The Public Administration Frontier

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Show simple item record Dwyer, Judith, en Boulton, A en Lavoie, J en Tenbensel, TG en Cumming, J en 2014-05-15T02:23:40Z en 2014-05-15T02:23:40Z en 2013 en
dc.identifier.citation Public Management Review 2013 en
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dc.description.abstract This article analyses reforms to contracting and accountability for indigenous primary health care organizations in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The reforms are presented as comparative case studies, the common reform features identified and their implications analysed. The reforms share important characteristics. Each proceeds from implicit recognition that indigenous organizations are ‘co-principals’ rather than simply agents in their relationship with government funders and regulators. There is a common tendency towards more relational forms of contracting; and tentative attempts to reconceptualize accountability. These ‘frontier’ cases have broad implications for social service contracting. en
dc.publisher Taylor & Francis. en
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dc.title Indigenous Peoples’ Health Care: New Approaches to Contracting and Accountability at The Public Administration Frontier en
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dc.identifier.doi 10.1080/14719037.2013.868507 en
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