Eruption of the Universe out of a pre-universe

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dc.description.abstract Cosmologists described the history of the entire universe –from the present day all the way back to a fraction of a fraction of a second after the Universe beginning. But many cosmological theories cannot describe the very starting point. Recently, it was suggested to use a model of the single scalar field so that to describe this point and the origin of the Universe from so-called ‘pre-universe’. It is important that recent results from the Planck satellite combined with earlier observations from WMAP, ACT, SPT and other experiments are favour for cosmological models with a single scalar field. Generally speaking, the results are not favour for the current standard model of cosmology combines the origin big bang model and the inflationary scenario. In particular, the standard model does not explain the initial conditions of the Universe. According to the inflation we need just a tiny volume of energy as starting point of the birth of the Universe. However, what produced this energy before the inflation? Here the origin of the Universe is described by a single scalar field (the nonlinear Klein –Gordon equation). Continuous and discontinuous solutions of the equation are presented. These solutions determine landscapes of scalar fields, their potentials and the properties of the pre-universe. An element of the pre-universe which has a form of a multidimensional bubble oscillates in a potential well. A quantum fluctuation tunnels the bubble from this well and the bubble energy increases greatly. New composite scalar field is formed during the tunnelling. The end the tunnelling corresponds to the birth of the Universe. The Universe was born as a result of nonlinear amplification of a quantum fluctuation of the scalar field of the pre-universe. The amplification was of the order times. As a result the bubble energy separated from the pre-universe. A scenario is developed, when the Universe begins from a pre-universe and evolves into a state that differs from initial situations of the theories of the Big Bang and the inflation. en
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dc.title Eruption of the Universe out of a pre-universe en
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